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Habitat: Expanding Architecture

Habitat: Expanding Architecture, on show from 19 October, is a research installation which captures a key moment in the history of architecture and urban planning: the tenth CIAM conference at Dubrovnik in 1956. Here the concept 'habitat' was a central theme: a broader understanding of architecture through a new ecological approach viewing architecture less as an autonomous discipline than as part of larger, dynamic whole. Habitat shows work from the archives of Aldo van Eyck, Jaap Bakema and Alison & Peter Smithson, together with more recent work by Pjotr Gonggrijp and Frits Palmboom. The installation serves as a platform for further study and conversation about the meaning of ‘habitat’ then and now. Habitat is the first in a series of Total Space programme installations.


Total Space
Volume #50, December 2016

This insert is based on two research workshops organized by the Jaap Bakema Study Centre in 2015. Total Space investigates the international dimensions of Structuralism, cross-disciplinary exchange, and aims to connect recent history with speculations on the future of our lifestyles. With contributions by Tom Avermaete, M. Christine Boyer, Benjamin H. Bratton, Femke Herregraven, Ellen Smit, Laurent Stalder, Richard Vijgen, Victor M. Sanz and Dirk van den Heuvel.

Jaap Bakema Study Centre

Total Space is a programme by the Jaap Bakema Study Centre. Research projects initiated and carried out at the Jaap Bakema Study Centre can lead to exhibitions, publications, discussions and specific partial studies related to the activities of Het Nieuwe Instituut and the research programme of Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology. The activities of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre are socially relevant and generate discussion of current issues. It also contributes to fundamental research and knowledge development on the creative industry, design, culture and society.


On Thursday 7 March, Georg Vrachliotis (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) will deliver the final lecture in the discursive programme of Habitat: Expanding Architecture. Vrachliotis will talk about the influence of systems theory on architecture and planning, with particular attention to the case of Swiss architect Fritz Haller, who created one of the most enigmatic visions regarding total urban systems.

Habitat: Pjotr Gonggrijp and Frits Palmboom

Archive conversation, 24/02/19
at Gallery -1

Habitat: the Tanthof

Archive conversation, 03/02/19
at Gallery -1

Birds of a Feather: From Habitus to Habitat

Lecture by Hadas Steiner, 13/12/18

Habitat: Expanding Architecture

Research and Archive Seminar, 01/11/18
at Gallery -1